About us

Honouring tradition and craftsmanship and promoting sustainable practices

A new level of comfort unlocked through lovingly crafted lightweight 100% cotton dresses. We are not just about clothes, but about the stories of people who want to pass on their centuries-old traditional craftsmanship of block printing patterns and show it to the world.

women block printing boho dress

Our goal is to make slow fashion accessible to a broader audience in order to promote this sustainable production method, while still ensuring a fair pay to everybody involved.

With every garment you buy, you are therefore not only supporting local tailors and block printers, but also helping them to pass on this often overlooked and slowly disappearing tradition. Each day, we dedicate ourselves to bringing our vision to life through the active embodiment of our core values, fostering a deep bond of trust and mutual respect. United in our commitment, we champion the dignified treatment of individuals, animals, and the environment, sharing a common dedication to these principles.